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First thing you need to know... You do NOT have to change your current domain name to own multiple domain names.


1. Do you know why people buy multiple domain names?
2. Why owning a top level easy to remember domain name will help your business?
3. Why it costs more money to buy a top level domain name than just registering a domain for around $20/year?
4. How much do top level domain names cost?

Let me quickly answer the above questions then show you the domain names available to help your business grow.

1. People own multiple domain names to take advantage of the qualified traffic which goes to those domain names. So in other words if someone types in the domain names you own the person who typed in the domain would get sent directly to your website.

2. First top level domains in most cases will have random traffic from people who type in the domain looking for services related to the keywords in the domain. Secondly, using a top level domain to advertise with makes it easier for people to find and remember how to get to your business website.

3. This should answer itself. If you want something better in anything you buy, things cost more money. Once you buy it, then it's yours to keep. As an example let's say there is only 100 people a month randomly going to the domain before promoting it. If you even make 10 sales in the year, in most cases this will cover the cost of the domain name. The rest of the sales are profit from then on.

4. This is the main question everyone wants to know. Well it's also the hardest to answer since every domain name is different. The best answer would be to say it depends on the size of your industry and the domain name your purchasing. It can range from $200-2000 and as high as a million dollars. Unfortunately, I don't have any of the million dollar domain names.


MORE DOMAINS on & & has some VERY LUCRATIVE domains..

Used Auto Parts Related Auto Sales / Auto Loans Lodge / Cabin Rental
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